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I do art journals and also commentary about what I experience, think, feel, and know, and am passionate about. I love working in mixed media, and graphite drawing. I am not a trained artist, and I am learning as I go, often making it up as I go. Life is a great adventure, after all, and I'm a lifelong explorer!! This is the first time I've ever done any kind of visual art in any form for any reason in my whole life, though in my 50s, early childhood brain injury damaged my hand-eye control, only recently improved in late 2009, but I'm loving the experience. Now I use art to journal for perspective, sort out my thoughts, build bridges to connect with others-let people know who's inside this body--, for pain management and destressing, for the pure pleasure of creativity, and now to share my muses and musings with others, in case it may be of benefit. I do art solely for myself, whthough usual, songwriting, poetry or essays, really for myself, as a process for healing, growth, balance, to keep centered, to hold up a mirror to myself and live as a more unified soul. I was married to a good man, and though he lives far away now, we are close always in spirit. I have two amazing children, a daughter in law who I love like a daughter, and 3 precious grandchildren. I'm incredibly proud and grateful for all of them!

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